The Importance of English Communication Confidence in Agile Retrospectives

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Learning quickly from successes and failures is paramount to innovation.

For engineering teams tasked with solving complex problems and creating new technologies, mistakes happen often and each is an opportunity to learn. As CEO of Spotify Daniel Elk put it, the key is to “make mistakes faster than anyone else.” For these mistakes to be learning opportunities and not just failures,they need to be discussed, analyzed, and used to improve the team going forward.

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3 Ways Communication Challenges Threaten Engagement on your Engineering Team



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In the fast-paced tech industry where every moment counts, having a highly engaged team of software engineers is critical to business success. Highly motivated team-members work harder and faster, think more creatively, and stay longer at their organization. As growing tech companies continue to search for and hire more of their best software engineers from around the world, English communication challenges are becoming a large threat to engagement and talent retention. Continue reading

What You Risk by Not Offering English Training to your Engineers

meeting-1293980_1280Communication is key to the success of any business, however time and time again we see organizations expand globally without prioritizing language training. This is to the detriment of the company and its employees. Specifically, there’s a lack of focus placed on training engineers who are not native speakers of the dominant language, usually English. Their inability to communicate within an organization affects collaboration, idea sharing, company culture, and talent development. Continue reading